Guide to Visas

Navigating your Visa qualifications can be tricky -- especially when you are looking for a new job. If you currently have a work authorization or other transferable U.S. work visa a substantial portion of our employers can sponsor you.

About 60% of  companies on the Hired platform will transfer work visas - typically an H1-B, F1, OPT, E3, or TN visa. If you are not currently in the U.S., hold a non-transferable visa (ie B1, L1 or J1, or have an expiring/nonrenewable visa, we will not be able to include you in the marketplace at this time.

This guide should help you determine  which work Visa you fall under or are applicable for:

  • H-1B visa for degree holders: If you have a Bachelor's degree or 12 years of experience you can qualify for this transferable visa, which can last for 6 years (3 year periods with one extension possible after 3). The US has an annual quota of 65,000 H-1B’s which is made available on April 1st and gets drawn down in just a few days -- but there are an additional 20,000 lots reserved for Master's degree holders. Learn more about applying for an H-1B visa here.

  • F-1 visa for students: If you are a student or recent graduate of a US university you can qualify for this visa. These visas last for one year, and are extendable by an additional 17 months. Learn more about applying for an F-1 visa here.

  • E-3 visa for Australians: If you are Australian and have a Bachelor's degree (in the relevant field) you qualify for this visa -- though you can't apply for a greencard while on it. Learn more about applying for an E-3 visa here.

  • TN visa for Canadians and Mexicans: If you are a Canadian and/or Mexican citizen and have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (i.e. computer science), you can qualify for this visa. Processing takes as little as 2-4 weeks and there’s no annual cap. Learn more about applying for a TN visa here.

  • J-1 visa for internships: If you are a student or recent graduate, you can qualify for this temporary visa, which is designed for exchange students to come to the US and enroll in an internship program. This visa is not intended for ordinary employment -- it is just for training -- and you can't transfer it between companies. Once this visa expires, you have to go home for 2 years before applying for another visa or get permission from your government to stay. Learn more about applying for a J-1 visa here.

Note: this guide is intentionally brief because we expect you’ll work with the company and their lawyer/legal team to hammer out details. If you’d like to read more in-depth info about this process, check out’s helpful guide : If you have any additional questions about your Visa, don’t be afraid to reach out to your Talent Advocate.