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The Hiring Toolkit: How to Use Technology to Drive DEI in Each Stage of Recruiting

Hidden biases are everywhere—the hiring world being no exception. 

As humans, we’re not always capable of recognizing our prejudices in the moment. Fortunately, modern technology is here to fill in that gap. These tools empower teams to build more equitable talent pipelines and pave pathways for previously overlooked talent. 

At Hired, we envision a world where all hiring is equitable, efficient, and transparent—and technology will help us get there. 

To see how embedded technologies support corporate DEI efforts, we spoke to our partners at Greenhouse, Criteria Corp, and Textio. In our discussions we learned different ways to use modern tools and enhance recruitment. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled actionable insights from these conversations. Equip your team with the right tools to build a better and more diverse workforce.

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