Creating Predictable, Scalable Hiring Through Slate Interviewing

Creating Predictable, Scalable Hiring Through Slate Interviewing

Your dream candidate charmed your pants off on the phone screen, knocked it out of the park in their first hiring manager conversation, and is your early favorite to land the full time offer. There’s just one teensy snag: you’re not the only one to notice how great they are, and they’ve got two other competitive offers already in hand. Time to streamline the process and get them to the offer stage, right?

Not so fast.

It can be tempting to push someone through your hiring funnel regardless of who else is in process, but according to HubSpot’s Director of Recruiting Becky McCullough, this approach is, in a word, problematic.

Instead, HubSpot’s talent acquisition team employs “Slate Interviewing”, meaning they advance groups of interviewees in cohorts. As Becky explains, there are numerous advantages to this approach, such as creating a predictable, repeatable process, and discouraging biases in the case of referrals or internal candidates.

Speaking of internal candidates, Becky’s put a great deal of thought into the internal candidate experience, including how to make sure HubSpotters are aware of internal roles and how to consider attrition risk in the event they don’t get the job. And it’s working: over 50% of HubSpot employees are working in a different role than the one they were hired to do.

And that’s not all. Becky’s also fired up a Recruiting Ops team in the interest of measuring recruiting metrics and building out documentation so the team can continue to crank at scale.

What’s the specific role of the Recruiting Ops team? How do internal and external candidate experience differ? How can you coach recruiters to push back on hiring managers in the interest of making thoughtful hires? Becky walked me through all of this on the last episode of you favorite recruiting podcast. Stream the entire episode below, and make sure to subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, or anywhere fine podcasts are streamed.