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Revisit Hiring Process

Re-Visit Your Hiring Process by Calculating Confidence Indices

The results of every phone screen, interview, and offer provide an opportunity for recruiters to re-visit their hiring process, making slight tweaks to job descriptions, interview panels, and assessment techniques. But the insight you can apply back to your recruiting cycle doesn’t end with a warm butt in a cold seat. Once some time has passed and you find out exactly how good of a hire someone was, you have even more meaningful data that can be applied back to the way you’re going about signing people up.

At Credit Sesame, Head of Talent Raj Dev looks at Quality of Hire represented as “Confidence Indices”, a two part number that represents how good someone was during the interview process, and how well they turned out as an employee. This lookback allows Raj to identify a variety of important early-funnel insights:

  • Which interviewers were the best at identifying top performers?
  • Are we set up to assess new candidates for the qualities of these top performers?
  • Do our job descriptions reflect a search for the abilities that made individuals key hires?
  • Does a quality hire’s interview feedback show that we accurately identified what ultimately made them a great hire?

Raj and I sat down to discuss exactly how he’s calculating confidence indices as well as a variety of additional insights his team has gleaned from mapping a top performer’s profile back to their interview process. In addition, he explains how he thinks of his own team in relation to the business, and how in many ways it functions as it’s own company within a company. For the full conversation, stream the most recent episode of your favorite recruiting podcast below, and don’t forget to subscribe via iTunesGoogle Play, or anywhere else fine podcasts are streamed.