Losing Top Candidates to Unicorns and FAANG Companies? How to Stop It.

Losing top candidates to FAANG and Unicorn companies how to stop it

Key Learnings:

  • Finding your unique value proposition as an employer brand
  • How to market your company & stand out to top candidates
  • How to message your offers strategically so candidates choose you

About this eBook

Okay — so you’re not a FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). You’re also not a Unicorn or “stock market darling” per se. How do you position your enterprise-level business and win over recruiting candidates at the attraction stage when you’re simply a great company?

To lure top-tier talent away from headline-grabbing startups and FAANG companies in today’s rapidly changing work environment, enterprises need to nail hiring messaging and employer branding as a recruitment strategy.

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