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Intuit VP of Talent Acquisition Shares Favorite Recruiting Campaigns

Nick Mailey is a man who loves campaigns. There’s “Recruiting is Done”, aimed at removing the red tape holding back talent pros, “Assess for Awesome”, a procedural and values-based overhaul of Intuit’s hiring process, and “Show Don’t Tell”, which sought to abandon behavioral interviews in favor of actual role-specific output and demonstration.

Recently, the VP of Talent Acquisition from Intuit joined your favorite recruiting podcast to discuss the breath of these campaigns. We dove in to the ideation, execution, and results of these high-level recruitment revamps, as well as Intuit’s unique (and fruitful) talent community, their notion of hiring managers as customers, and much more. For the full bangers and mash, stream the entire episode below, and for more sweet sweet recruitment audio content, subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcasting app.