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Removing Recruiter Hurdles, as Told by Top HR Leaders

Have you ever had to chase around uninterested hiring managers, harangue interview panelists to fill out scorecards, or ping-pong back and forth with HR to move an offer letter up $5k? Well then you’re going to wish you worked for either of Talk Talent To Me‘s new best friends, Bianca McCann of Betterworks and Danny Briskin of OneMedical.

Serving as CHRO and VP of HR (respectively), these two HR leaders have made it their mission to remove as many barricades in the recruiting process as possible. Whether it’s building ATS scorecard completion into the interview schedule, empowering recruiters to negotiate within a pre-approved comp range, or using metrics to illustrate to uncooperative hiring managers “the impact of their deficiency” (flame emoji, flame emoji, flame emoji), this pair has seen serious success building their companies into recruiting-first organizations.

Rob, a poseur, next to Danny, an intellectual.
Rob, a poseur, next to Danny, an intellectual.

In this episode of your favorite recruiting podcast, Bianca and Danny detail at length how specifically they’ve been able to foster a culture that prioritizes recruitment, streamlines recruiter efficiency, and enables recruiters to do their jobs by removing the all too common HR red tape. Your humble host merely had to flip on the microphones and get out of the way, as these two blew the roof off the place with their experience and tried and true methodologies. Stream the full episode below, and if you’re looking for more, head on over to TalkTalentToMe.com or subscribe using your favorite podcasting app.