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double Phone screen to close rate

Here's How Doubled their Phone Screen to Offer Accepted Rate

Every time a candidate doesn’t make it all the way through your process to an accepted offer, it provides an opportunity to re-evaluate every stage of the hiring process.

This notion of full funnel evaluation has been a consistent thread on your favorite recruiting podcast, Talk Talent To Me, and our most recent episode with Box’s Senior Technical Recruiting Manager Harry Dannenbaum perpetuated the theme. In fact, Harry’s team recently realized their phone screen to offer rate was hovering around 2.3%, and set out on a full cycle evaluation to improve their efficiency.

I know what you’re thinking: how am I supposed to revamp an entire hiring cycle from cradle to grave while still, you know, actually making hires? Great point, imaginary blog heckler. Harry ran in to this very issue, and to prevent his team from having to take valuable time away from recruiting, they landed on a streamlined approach. Rather than completely overhaul the entire process, the team identified two key areas at every stage of the funnel they could improve. How did they decide where to focus? What were the specific areas? How can you identify those areas at your company? Did it even work? 

Sorry for the half-hearted teaser, but you’ll have to tune in to find out. Quick spoiler though: Yes, it worked. Phone screen to close rate improved from 2.3% to 5%. Burger time!

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