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new director of talent acquisition

Where to Begin as a New Director of Talent Acquisition

If you’re a motivated, thoughtful, hard working recruiter (and I assume you all are, or else why would you be here?), you probably aspire to one day walk into a company as their brand spankin’ new Director of Talent Acquisition. And before I lose those of you who’ve already taken that swagger-filled stroll, I’ll point out there’s a million ways to do it and odds are you’ll one day find yourself doing it again. Nice try, early blog post clicker-outers. You’re still here.

Anyway, to get down to the nitty gritty of how one can best position themself in such a talent acquisition directing incident, I caught up with Womply’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Kathy Razvan. Kathy has run talent teams at companies like, Salesforce, and RaiseMe, and now finds herself just far enough into her new Director of TA gig to look back and reflect on how she navigated the new company waters. She joined Hired’s podcast, Talk Talent To Me, to dig in to exactly how she did it. We dug deep on meeting with key stakeholders, building a recruiting team, and also benchmarking current performance and using it to track progress.

In addition, Kathy quickly uncovered some less than ideal metrics on the sales side of house, and set out to completely overhaul Womply’s sales hiring process. Kathy and her team interviewed the existing team to identify core competencies, oversaw a host of interview trainings, and instituted new processes to ensure a more seamless and considerate candidate experience.

What exactly were these new processes? How do you find a true north for core competency? What are the important metrics to present to key stakeholders? Find out this week on Talk Talent to Me!