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Whitney Ricketts
Whitney Ricketts
Whitney is Hired's Director of Content Marketing. Prior to joining Hired, Whit ran growth at NeonMob, communications at CreativeLive, and reality TV gossip reporting for Wetpaint.
March 14, 2017

3 Reasons HR Is The Most Important Job of The Future

Human resources is where top talent is found, hired, and cultivated — gone are the days of pigeonholing HR as nagging paper pushers. Today, HR is increasingly one of the most important functions in...

February 25, 2017

5 Reasons Your Hiring Plan Needs to Include Contractors

Technology isn’t just changing workplace tools,” write the authors of the 2017 Accenture Technology Vision report on Workforce Marketplaces. “It’s also radically reinventing the way businesses are...

December 09, 2016

5 Interview Questions Hiring Managers Need to Ask Before Making An Offer

Job interviews can be time consuming fact-finding missions that don't always yield the best results. Sometimes you find out six months later that you didn't hire the person you thought you did. To...

October 11, 2016

Is Being a Manager Burning You Out? Three Daily Habits to Combat Stress

According to a recent Columbia University study, more than 18% of managers suffer from depression, 6% more than individual contributors, and 2% more than executive officers. How can you keep your...

September 19, 2016

3 Things Every Hiring Manager Needs To Do Before Posting A Job

As a hiring manager or recruiter, you probably already know the massive amount of detail that often goes into selecting the right person for a particular position within your company. However,...