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Google Analytics Careers Page

Here’s How Analytics & Funnel Metrics Drive Serious Conversion at

You’ve been told by countless blogs, Slideshares, and conference presentations that recruiting is like sales/marketing/dating. The premise goes something like this: candidates are like leads, your recruiting pipeline is like a funnel, and you have to kiss a lot of engineers before you find your prince. Well, let’s not belabor the point, there are certainly some commonalities, but typically when someone says recruiting is like marketing, they aren’t talking about something as technical as localization of career page copy or getting knee deep in Google Analytics.

But at, that’s exactly the in-depth approach Dakotta, Global Lead in Recruitment Sourcing Strategy & Analytics, is taking. Dakotta joined your favorite recruiting podcast to discuss the distribution of his recruitment team across 10 different offices, how they use standardized dashboards to track individual performance, and the analysis he’s conducting within Google Analytics to optimize conversion.  As Dakotta explained, site metrics like Time on Page and Scroll Depth (how far down a page a visitor makes it before leaving) provide valuable insight into how careers pages are being received by your candidates.

There’s loads more recruiting wisdom packed into this episode, including maintaining equal assessment in cases where different interviewing styles are implemented, how rejection reasons provide an opportunity to revisit job descriptions and hiring cycles, and much more. Stream the entire conversation below, and make sure to subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, or anywhere fine podcasts are streamed.