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2018 Recruiting Goals

Set Your 2018 Recruiting Goals with These Advanced Talent Analytics

The end-of-year countdown is on. There’s one month left in 2017, which means you’re probably hustling to hit your goals, putting together hiring plans, and setting budgets for 2018. The end of the year is the best time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t in the previous year, and wouldn’t you know it, your pals here at Hired have got you covered. Just in time, we’ve shipped new features available to subscription customers in the interest of helping hiring teams design a predictable and scalable hiring plan. Here are 4 ways Hired users can look back and use our enhanced Analytics Report, including real market salary data, to plan for your 2018 recruiting goals:

Finally, Easy Benchmarking

If you had a difficult time garnering interest for a particular senior backend engineer position earlier this year, you’re probably wondering why. Interview acceptance rates give a good indication of the success of outreach and can be a barometer for whether or not adjustments need to be made. To see how you stack up, Hired users can now compare their company’s interview acceptance rates to an overall marketplace average. Interview acceptance rates can also be broken down by positions listed. Position data is broken down by:

  • Number of interview requests made
  • Acceptance rate
  • Candidate response time
  • Salary offered

This data can let you know if you need to refine messaging or other specifics about your interview requests to be more competitive. Conversely, it’ll let you know to give your team a hearty clap on the back for outpacing the competition.

Was It Something I Said?

Next, find out exactly why candidates didn’t jump at your interview requests. The report will show you reasons indicated by candidates for a particular role, or across all of your roles.

Candidate Response Reasons

This sort of insight allows you to tweak job descriptions, feature specifics about your culture, or fight for more budget as necessary. There’s no need to wonder why candidates aren’t poking their heads up to learn more. Now, you can take action and put your company’s best foot forward.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

No more guesswork when it comes to prepping offer letters. Our analytics report now displays market salary data for each of the software engineering positions you post, so you can use real, comparable salary data to ensure the offers you make are competitive. After you send an interview request, we collect compensation ranges for your positions, looking at real data for comparable positions across the Hired platform. Ranges are based on location, years of experience, and role type.

Engineer Salary Data

If you notice your salaries are consistently under what the market offerings are, candidates are rejecting your requests because of “insufficient compensation,” or your interview request acceptance rate is also below market rate, it may be worth adjusting your offers in the coming year.

Forecast Like You Mean It

Hiring metrics can also be broken out by hiring team member. As you plan your team’s goals for 2018, take a look to see what’s realistic based on historic performance across the team.

Looking back at the previous year is just one of the strategies you might have for 2018 planning, and Hired’s enhanced Analytics Report gives you the data you need to do it effectively.

Each of these features are available now to Hired subscription customers. If you are interested in gaining access to these features with a Hired subscription in a Multi-Hire plan for 2018, let us know here. If you’re already a Hired customer, please reach out here.