Top Employer Brands in London According to Tech Talent

Top Employer Brands in London According to Tech Talent

At Hired, we’re dedicated to finding you a job that you love — at a company you’re passionate about. As exciting as realizing you’re ready to join a new company can be, we know it can also be daunting as it’s a time consuming process. To help you find a company you’ll love, we’re surfacing the top companies in London that tech talent on our platform most want to work for

#1: BBC

The world’s oldest national broadcasting organization has managed to maintain a great reputation as an employer, landing the top spot in London. Given that the broadcaster employs tens of thousands of people, there are plenty of BBC workers in the UK who can speak fondly of their employer—and the company is very aware (as evidenced in their annual report) of creating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment for everyone working there. 

#2: Monzo

While Monzo has only been around for four years (compared to the BBC’s nearly 100), it seems the challenger bank has managed to create a product and culture that appeals to potential employees. 

And Monzo is far from done growing and innovating. As the company continues to roll out new features, this can act as a powerful tool for not only attracting new customers, but also keeping the brand buzzy to tech talent in London. While the brand may have gained the most recognition in early days because of its fluorescent pink cards, it’s safe the say the challenger bank is growing up—but keeping things exciting at the same time.

#3: Skyscanner

The third spot goes to Skyscanner, an online travel agency popular for its comprehensive flight listings and useful features like the ability to search across all destinations for a given timeframe. Originally a Scottish company, Skyscanner was purchased three years ago by a Chinese travel company and now operates across ten global offices that house more than 1,000 employees. 

#4: McLaren 

While automotive companies might not be the first to come to mind when you think “software”, that doesn’t stop McLaren from being a compelling place to work for UK tech workers. Headquartered in Surrey, McLaren is the only non-London company to make it on the top 10 list for employer brands. 

#5: DeepMind

While DeepMind is now owned by Alphabet, the AI research heavyweight was started in the UK and still keeps its headquarters in London. Given DeepMind works on some of the hardest challenges in AI, their position on the list suggests a curious job market—which is reflected in Hired data which found that 63% of UK employees would leave their current job for another with new challenges and problems to solve.

It’s worth noting the three of the next five companies on the list are challenger banks (Transferwise, Starling Bank, and Revolut)—further solidifying fintech, and challenger banks specifically, as an attractive industry to be part of in the UK. 

If this list tells us anything, it’s that the tech industry in the UK is a diverse one in terms of industry and company stage, with brands decades old competing squarely with companies which have only come to be in the last few years. As a tech employee, this means you have a wide range to choose from, not only in terms of the type of product you work on but also the culture and learning opportunities presented by the various companies you might be considering as future employers. 

As you make your way in the London job market, be sure to use data (such as our employment trends) to your advantage—knowing which skills employers are looking for, which roles have better chances of being compensated more highly, and which salary ranges you can expect can help to guide your search to the right role and company for you.