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Time to Move to Canada? 10 Hot Startups Hiring Engineers

Ready to move to Canada? You’re not alone.

The number of people searching for jobs in Canada is up 58% over this time last year, according to job board Monster (via Wall Street Journal). Monster reports that they logged 30,296 site searches containing the word ‘Canada’ between January and October 2016, a 58% increase over the same time period in 2015, when 19,693 searches including ‘Canada’ were logged between January and December.

While there’s no way to correlate the uptick in job searches directly to the U.S. election, the now-official Trump presidency is certainly one plausible explanation for the increase. Presidential election feelings aside, if you’re looking to move to Canada, here are 10 hot startups hiring engineers North of the Canadian border:

Think financial audits are unsexy? Prepare to be proven wrong by Auvenir, whose vision is to “to create 100% trust in our financial markets by utilizing the latest in machine learning advancement to automate and augment the financial audit.”
Currently hiring: Senior DevOps Engineer, Senior Full Stack Developer

Chef’s Plate
This food tech startup — Canada’s answer to Blue Apron — just raised $6 million in a funding round led by Germany’s Acton Capital Partners (both prior investors also participated in the funding).
Currently hiringVP Technology

Innovations in health care technology have been long-delayed, but new green shoots are sprouting up in tech hubs throughout the world — from SayKara in Seattle to Opencare in Toronto. Opencare’s mission is to change the way patients and health providers interact, and the company’s core current focus is on developing new and improved provider discovery tools for patients. What’s more important than increasing access to quality health care?
Currently hiring: Senior Software Engineer

Financeit is a free-to-use platform that makes it easy for businesses to offer financing options to their customers from any device. Founded in 2011, the Toronto-based fintech startup just raised $17 million in equity financing and hired former Capital One CFO Ian Hanning.
Currently hiringRuby on Rails Developer, DevOps Engineer

Construction startups: So hot right now. Joist’s mission is to facilitate every residential construction project in the world on its platform. A tool for contractors that allows you to estimate, invoice, record payments, and manage projects, Joist has clocked over $20B in transactions since launch. Says the founding team: “We are not looking for employees. We are looking for entrepreneurs stoked about changing individual’s lives and creating massive impact.”
Currently hiring: Growth Engineer, Engineering Team Lead, Senior iOS Engineer

If you’ve ever tried to find a venue for a company party, you’ve encountered the supreme headache that is booking short-term commercial real estate. In short: It shouldn’t be this hard. Founded in 2015, thisopenspace is an online marketplace working to eliminate that supreme headache altogether — by making search, discovery, and booking of a space a fast and seamless process. The proof is in the pudding; thisopenspace’s client list includes Harley Davidson, Bad Boy Records, Kitchen Aid, and Lululemon.
Currently hiring: Software Engineer

Already profitable despite just $150k seed funding raised, StackAdapt is a burgeoning adtech unicorn, clocking a sky-high Mattermark growth score of 533. Founded in June 2013 by Ildar Shar, Vitaly Pecherskiy, and Yang Han, StackAdapt helps brands reach relevant audiences and drive more meaningful interactions with their branded content. As native advertising incumbents like Outbrain and Taboola begin to lose strength, StackAdapt is poised to make a break to lead the pack.
Currently hiring: Software Engineer

SurfEasy is a virtual private network browser security application, which is longhand for “a tool that ensures online privacy.” And SurfEasy is not just any VPN; it’s the free web browser VPN service that comes with Opera — likely because it is rated the top VPN service for speed and security.
Currently hiring: iOS Developer