Tech Talent Relocation Is More Popular Than Ever. Here’s Where You Could Land

Tech Talent Relocation Is More Popular Than Ever. Here’s Where You Could Land

Over here at Hired HQ, we’re obsessed with the trends, data, and takeaways concerning every nook and cranny of the hiring process. That’s why we recently conducted a study to figure out what on earth is going on with global hiring in light of recent electoral events. Anchored by our own data surrounding interview requests and candidate movement, and supplemented by a rigorous survey, we set out to see how recent political goings-on impacted international hiring proclivity amongst growing organizations.

Unsurprisingly, both talent and talent acquisition professionals are feeling a degree of trepidation. We uncovered a 60% decrease in interview requests from US companies to foreign workers, and similarly, foreign candidates wound up noticeably less apt to engage with US companies.

Foreign tech workers

Concordant with this whole give-US-jobs-a-wide-berth trend, a considerable swath of US-based workers report considering relocation since the 2016 election, with Canada, Germany, and Australia being the most desirable destinations. If you find yourself in this camp, craving a crispy schnitzel or looking to join a Grade-Eh company (sorry), we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve highlighted some exciting companies hiring tech talent in the most desirable re-locations. Clearly, this list is not exhaustive, so be sure to check out our full Company Directory to see which companies are looking for someone like you.



Wealthsimple is wealthsimplifying the act of developing a diverse, well-rounded financial portfolio. Their mission is to make low-risk investment accessible to everyone, and they’re backed by some of the biggest names in finance.

Job opportunities: Data Scientist/Engineer, Director of Engineering, Javascript Software Engineer, Java Software Engineer, Ruby Software Engineer


TunnelBear has a vision for a truly open internet, and is trying to make it a reality through the use of their sleek VPN app. Private browsing, safe wi-fi connection, and a lack of logging on the part of the company make TunnelBear an exciting player in internet privacy services.

Job opportunities: Director of Product Management, Sr. Product Manager, Web Developer (Front End), DevOps Engineer, Designer, iOS/macOS Developer, Android Developer, Windows Developer


Genetec is building the next generation of security technology, most famously including citywide surveillance and license plate recognition.

Job opportunities: .Net Developer, Senior Product Owner, Electrical Instrumentation Engineer, React Developer, DevOps Engineer

BC Hydro

BC Hydro is the Canadian leader in hydroelectric power, generating clean power across nearly 50,000 square miles of land for over 4 million people.

Job opportunities: Manager Cyber Security Planning & Performance, Revenue Metering Engineer, Compliance & Cyber Security Lead

There’s more where that came from. Check out the hundreds of Canadian companies looking to engage with top tech talent on Hired.



Think of Zalando like the German Zappos, both in terms of their placement in e-commerce as well as their culture-first focus. Headquartered in Berlin but with several offices throughout the nation, Zalando could make for a keen landing place.

Job opportunities: Data Warehouse Engineer, DevOps Payments Manager, Senior Data Science Research Engineer, Senior UX Product Designer, Data Platform Architect


Tired of Chase, BMO, or BofA? N26 is a purely mobile banking experience, featuring all the conveniences of a normal bank with the added functionality of finance management apps.

Job opportunities: DevSecOps Engineer, Frontend Developer, iOS Developer, IT Operations, QA Engineer, Senior Data Analyst, Senior Data Scientist, Lead Visual Product Designer, Lead UX/UI Designer


3D printing may very well be the future of hardware, and Formlabs is creating the means for innovative small businesses to enter the fray.

Job opportunities: Partner Support, IT and Infratructure Specialist, Head of Services



Design is fun, but Photoshop is expensive. Canva is an incredibly simple online design platform making design accessible to the 99.7% of internet users who don’t own or can’t use the Adobe products. It integrates a full stock photography library, vector library, font library and layout library into a drag and drop design tool which enables everyone to create incredible designs for web and print.

Job opportunities: PHP Backend Engineer, Product Analytics Lead, UX Product Designer, iOS Engineer, Android Engineer, Java Engineer, Javascript Engineer

DEK Technologies

DEK Technologies develops cutting-edge software and hardware solutions across a diverse range of technology sectors. Their team has extensive experience in a range of applications, including software and embedded systems, real-time solutions, hardware design, telecoms and data communications. We provide product development services, from initial design concept through to implementation, verification, delivery and field support.

Job opportunities: Product Manager, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, IT Infrastructure Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer, Agile Project Manager


The giants in team collaboration software are hiring far beyond the Bay Area shores. They have dozens more roles open than the ones below, so be sure to take a peek to see if there’s something that tickles your fancy.

Job opportunities: Site Reliability Engineering Team Lead, Program Manager Platform Services & Infrastructure, Senior Javascript Developer, JIRA Cloud Architect (Java / AWS), Senior Full-Stack Developer, Senior Java Developer, Senior Full Stack Developer – Product Growth, Principal Software Developer, Team Lead – Data Science and Analytics, Sr. Software Engineer

Liking the sound of moving to Australia? There’s plenty more career opportunities to be explored across the land down under. Head here for a comprehensive list.