Tech Candidate Spotlight – Phillip Chan, Senior Software Engineer

Tech Candidate Spotlight – Phillip Chan, Senior Software Engineer

Tech Candidate Spotlight – Phillip Chan, Senior Software Engineer

Can you share a little bit about your educational background and what has made the biggest impact on your tech career?

I have a traditional degree from UC-Berkeley. However, it’s not in Computer Science, but Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Later, I got an online Master’s degree in Computer Science to support my career from Georgia Tech.

I don’t think my educational opportunities made as measurable of an impact on my career compared to industry experience. That is what has been really valuable for launching my tech career.

What would you like to learn more about?

I want to learn more about tech-related topics to enhance my career and understand industry trends. For non-tech topics, I’m interested in topics related to general career growth.

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What led you to pursue a career in tech?

Compensation! Compared to any high compensation jobs, Software Engineering was easier for me to get into. [I think] there is no [better] way to make a good compensation than Software Engineering.

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How has your skillset evolved over the course of your career?

I studied a lot of different Software Engineering courses for my Master’s Computer Science degree. I don’t think the knowledge from those  courses evolved my skillset by very much but it laid a foundation for my understanding of the basic concepts.

What is the one area you would specialize in?

I would pick Machine Learning. It’s something I am interested in and should polish my skills in more!

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Is your new role different from previous ones? 

Yes, I’m now in an entirely different industry. I went from a banking and ATM services company to an advertisement technology company.

What excites you about this new role?

I feel most excited about the new team I get to work with. It’s a great workplace atmosphere and the projects they are working on are top-notch in the industry! Also, the employee benefits they have are great perks.

What was your job search experience like before you joined Hired?

Before joining Hired, I got LinkedIn messages or emails from different recruiters. I think the difference between joining Hired and messages from different recruiters, Hired has a central place for me to schedule everything.

So it was more efficient and organized for you – great! What’s your best advice for jobseekers registered on the Hired platform? 

Get ready for interview requests from recruiters in advance. I recommend starting to prepare on the first day you register on the Hired platform. I received at least four interview requests within just a few hours. However, I was not well prepared for them [yet]. Don’t make that same mistake!

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What would you tell someone who’s curious about Hired?

It’s easy to use, and it’s REAL. I got many interview requests and ultimately a job offer using Hired.

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