Results Are In: Best Employer Brands in Chicago

Results Are In: Best Employer Brands in Chicago

While compensation, perks, and career growth are some of the top considerations jobseekers account for when looking into new opportunities, employer brand is another important factor to both employees and hiring managers. In our Brand Health Report, we measure the top employer brands across global tech hubs according to where local talent most wants to work. Here’s how Chicago employers fare.

#1: Grubhub

An early leader in restaurant deliveries, the now-public Grubhub grabs the top spot on our 2019 list. With nearly 3,000 employees, the Grubhub umbrella includes brands such as Seamless, LevelUp, and Tapingo.

And it’s clear that Grubhub has incorporated food—and the ceremonies around it—into company culture. Employees can get a taste of restaurant life by spending some time in Slice, Grubhub’s own pie shop—or even pitch new ideas in GrubTank, the company’s version of Shark Tank. 

If you’re a Chicagoan looking to spend some time at the intersection of food and tech, Grubhub might be a good place to look for your next role.

#2: Braintree

Despite being acquired by PayPal in 2013, Braintree has remained headquartered in Chicago—and has clearly built a strong employer brand there over the years. 

That might be (at least in part) due to efforts by Braintree’s diversity and inclusion team, such as generous education, sponsorship, and conference budgets and parental leave policies, as well as less common initiatives like monthly lunch/coffee dates between employees across global offices—all facilitated by an internal matching tool. 

Regardless of the root cause, it seems whatever Braintree is doing, it’s working, landing them the second spot on our list. 

#3: Groupon

With tens of millions of customers and more than 6,000 employees worldwide, Groupon will celebrate its 11th birthday this year. While the company is best known for its daily deals newsletter, Groupon has set its sights on a new horizon: Becoming a marketplace for local services and experiences (as evidenced by, for example, expanded partnerships with companies like Mindbody). Chances are, employees are in for an exciting and educational ride as the company pivots to this new business model.

#4: United Airlines

It seems you don’t have to be a tech company to keep tech talent happy, with United Airlines coming in fourth on our 2019 Chicago list. With the opportunity to work with colleagues across a wide variety of different business functions, United may be a great fit if you’re looking to be part of a tech team in an organization with a very offline presence—not to mention the added benefit of discounted travel rates for employees. 

#5: Discover Financial Services

It certainly seems Chicago tech talent is open to a wide variety of industries, with Discover rounding out our list of top 5 employer brands. 

The owner of Discover Bank, which offers consumer credit cards, banking, and lending products, the company is headquartered in Riverwoods just outside of Chicago. Employing more than 15,000 people, Discover has a wide variety of perks, resource groups, and initiatives—so you’re sure to find something up your alley regardless of your interests.

In addition to knowing which employers get the most love from local tech talent, it can also be helpful to understand additional context around the Chicago job market. According to Hired data:

  • The average tech salary in Chicago is $114k, and has been rising since 2016. If you feel you’re not being compensated fairly, check out these tips for negotiating your salary. 
  • Chicago tech workers don’t seem to be big on commuting, with 64% of them saying they wouldn’t consider commuting more than 45 minutes each way for a job—but 65% are interested in working 100% remotely.
  • In considering jobs, Chicagoans report caring primarily about salary, followed by career progression (the opportunity to learn new skills) and company culture.