10 Game-Changing NYC Startups Hiring Tech Talent

10 Game-Changing NYC Startups Hiring Tech Talent

There’s no shortage of NYC startups hiring tech talent, but you talented, passionate, experienced engineers out there don’t want to work just anywhere. To help you find a job working on something awesome, we compiled a list of some of the most exciting companies developing technology in VR, cryptocurrency, 3D imaging, and more.

Body Labs

Funding stage: $11M Series A
Job opportunities: Full-Time Scanning Projects Assistant, Lead Platform Engineer, System Administrator, Software Development Test Engineer
Why it’s a game changer:

“When depth camera (RGB-D cameras) are integrated with everyone’s phone, the first scans will be bodies. From there, we have the AI algorithm to make sense of the data. Dream of the impact.”

3D imaging utilizes bleeding edge scanning and modeling technologies, and at Body Labs, they’re pushing it even farther. They just launched the Soma Shape API, which can generate 3D models based on 2D photos. The future is now!

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Funding stage: Pre-Series A
Job opportunities: Bioinformatics Analyst, Bioinformatics Scientist, Software Engineer
Why it’s a game changer: Envisagenics is making biomedical data actionable. But don’t take it from us:

“Envisagenics’ breakthrough technology, SpliceCoreTM, is a cloud-based platform that is experimentally validated to predict drug targets and biomarkers through splicing discovery from RNA-seq data. The company will use its software to identify new splicing errors causative of the disease, identify the right drug-targets and develop RNA therapeutics through partnerships and collaborations with Biopharma. Envisagenics’ in-silico RNA therapeutics discovery platform replaces expensive drug-target selection and lead design with efficient computer simulations, decreasing time, cost, and failure risk of drug development programs.”

Whew. I think I need a nap.

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Funding stage: $20M Series A
Job opportunities: Business Analyst, Product Manager, Project Manager, Blockchain Engineer (Jr. and Sr.), Blockchain Research Scientist, C++ Software Engineer, Client Integration Engineer, DevOps Engineer (Jr. and Sr.), Full-stack Engineer (Jr. and Sr.), Lead Software Engineer, Smart Contract Engineer
Why it’s a game changer:

“Axoni serves the world’s largest financial institutions and capital markets service providers with full stack blockchain solutions. It is a New York-based capital markets technology firm that specializes in distributed ledger infrastructure.”

Who wouldn’t want to help sally forth a new era of cryptocurrency-fueled financial singularity?

Blockchain Technologies Corp

Funding stage: Post acquisition
Job opportunities: HERE Lead Engineer, Math Test Engineer, Digital Marketing Project Manager, Business Analyst, Machine Learning/Data Analytics Engineer
Why it’s a game changer: Blockchain Tech Group works to build applications to best leverage blockchain technology, ranging from financial services such as Bitcoin ATMs to more specific cybersecurity functions. As they primarily operate in a consulting capacity, team members have the opportunity to impact a large swath of players in the field.

Thinking Alpha

Funding stage: Seed round
Job opportunities: Blockchain/Bitcoin/Ethereum Engineer
Why it’s a game changer: Elsewhere in cryptocurrency, Thinking Alpha has its sights set on Ethereum-based decentralization. With long term vision including applications in AI, VR and AR, this organization is a perfect storm of emerging technologies.



Funding stage: Post acquisition
Job opportunities: Collabera Solutions Architect, HERE Sr Software Engineer (Autonomous Driving), HERE Sr Software Engineer – iOS Android, Synechron AngularJS Developer
Why it’s a game changer: Dextro is utilizing machine learning to analyze video content and turn it into searchable text. Using their proprietary Sight, Sound & Motion technology, Dextro not only identifies spoken content but also various elements appearing in videos, allowing for security, journalistic, and audience targeting applications.


Funding stage: Seed round
Job opportunities: Applications Developer – Financial Systems, Lead ETL Data Exchange Developer, Node.js Developer, Product Designer
Why it’s a game changer: Want to help shape the eager young minds of tomorrow? Of course you do. Check out Edusim– they’re applying AI technology to the classroom, enabling realistic conversational learning simulations.


Funding stage: Post acquisition
Job opportunities: Data Engineer, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, iOS Engineer, Lead Backend Engineer, Operations Engineer, Part-Time QA Tester, SDET / Automation Test Framework Developer, Senior Android Developer, Product Designer (UX/UI)
Why it’s a game changer: C’mon. It’s right there in the name.


Funding stage: $5M Series A
Job opportunities: Senior Product Designer VR Engineer
Why it’s a game changer: LittlStar seeks to make VR content creation more accessible via access to their SDKs and API tools. Video game developers, mainstream media, and television studios are leveraging LittlStar technology to create immersive, 360 degree video experiences.



Job opportunities: Project Manager, Director of Client Success, Unity Virtual Reality Developer, Photographer, Senior Sales Consultant
Why it’s a game changer: Last on our list is another exciting VR startup, YouVisit. They’ve paired a proprietary conversion platform with a best-in-class VR production studio to give brands the ability to design and create virtual experiences for their audiences. The applications for YouVisit’s tech range from stadium tours to telling immersive stories of refugees in partnership with the International Rescue Committee.

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