Reefer Madness: Five Hot Startups Hiring in the Cannabis Industry

Reefer Madness: Five Hot Startups Hiring in the Cannabis Industry

Feeling like it’s time to get a new gig? The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States, valued at $6bn last year and predicted to grow to over $35bn by 2020. More than half of country has legalized medical marijuana on state level, and many states, like California, have plans to begin the legal sale of recreational pot in 2018. Despite threats from Washington hinting at more aggressive federal enforcement of cannabis laws, industry leaders maintain a bullish attitude on the rapidly growing industry. So while we encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a job in this sector to do their research before diving in, there are some exciting opportunities for those who do. To that end, check out these five Bay Area startups that are currently hiring.  

1. Eaze

Valued at $115 million, Eaze believes that “access to medical marijuana is a fundamental right for all people,” and has built a product that helps them deliver on their mission. The Eaze team recently launched Eaze MD, which, integrated into their preexisting marijuana delivery app, makes it both easy and safe to undergo a medical evaluation via video chat from the privacy of your own home.

Upon receiving your medical marijuana recommendation, you gain access to the wide variety of dispensaries on the Eaze platform, allowing you to quickly browse and order your product of choice. If you’re a Bay Area native, one of Eaze’s hyper-fast carriers will be at your doorstep within the hour.

Eaze is currently hiring for a Senior Android Engineer, Senior Back-End Engineer, Senior Front-End Engineer, and a Senior iOS Engineer.

2. Flow Kana

Flow Kana is “the world’s first sustainable cannabis brand.” This Oakland startup prides itself on being a part of the clean cannabis movement, a social movement surrounding the farming and production of marijuana using fully organic, sustainable methods.

Flow Kana partners with high-end craft farmers from Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States. The online platform has cultivated a cannabis community, in which individual customers and dispensaries can connect with the farmers, browse different strains and cannabis-based products, and eventually order online for delivery within the Bay Area.

Flow Kana is seeking an experienced Lead Rails Developer, preferably who can write Ruby and Javascript.

3. Caliva

Called “The #1 Dispensary in the Nation” by Business Insider, Caliva is a large-scale cannabis cultivator and distributor. Adhering to the super strict standards, they grow their own product – one that has become widely respected amongst their Northern California clientele.

Caliva originated as one of the first membership-based dispensaries, pioneering the burgeoning trend of upscale cannabis collectives. They test of all their products in-house, and pride themselves on their personalized wellness programs tailored to each client’s individual health needs.

The Caliva team is currently looking for a Front-End Engineer and a Junior Graphic Designer to grow their team.

4. Confident Cannabis

Confident Cannabis aims to bring transparency to the cannabis industry by providing innovative software for testing labs, and curating a massive real-time database of marijuana products sold in dispensaries throughout the country.
This Silicon Valley darling enables distributors and retailers to better understand their product, which, in turn, empowers consumers to make more thoughtful and educated decisions during the buying process. Clients are encouraged to make selections based on not only the type of product they desire, but also the outcome and benefits that they seek.

Confident Cannabis is currently searching for a Senior Web Application Engineer – a position that has the potential to lead the development of new products and new teams.

5. Green Bits

Green Bits has created a sales system designed to simplify the marijuana retail process. The platform syncs with the current State API, ensuring complete compliance within state and federal law throughout the sales cycle.

In an interview with TechCrunch, founder Ben Curren says “With the regulatory control so complex, you need very, very simple software if you expect your budtenders to run your store without you being around… Our secret sauce is taking something that is fairly complex, and dumbing it down so anyone can do it. We don’t just say it, we actually do it.”

With over $1.4 billion in cash sales processed to date, Green Bits is poised to take over the cannabis retail management sector, announcing that after continuing to add support for the 28 states where medical marijuana is legal, they plan to grow into international markets.

The team is currently hiring for an Application Engineer and a Support and Automation Engineer, both based in San Jose.
Please note that while many states have moved to legalize marijuana, it is still illegal under federal law, and as a result, there is some murkiness around its future. If you’re considering a career change into this industry, we encourage you to read up about it ahead of time.