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August 11, 2022

Tech Candidate Spotlight – Ricardo Xavier, Software Engineer

Thanks for joining us, Ricardo! Can you share a little bit about your educational background? I have my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I later pursued a Masters degree in...

March 10, 2022

Hired Tech Candidate Spotlight - Paula Muldoon, Senior Software Engineer for Zopa in the UK

Transitioning from music to coding, Paula's a born composer - Here's her career journey to engineering We understand you started in a different field or pivoted from a different type of...

January 25, 2022

Hired Candidate Spotlight: Razvan Muscalu, Software Engineer at Dojo

Now a Software Engineer in the UK, Razvan Muscalu found his new role through Hired Can you share a little bit about your educational background? In high school, I specialised in maths. At...

December 20, 2021

Hired Candidate Spotlight: Eugene Matvejev, Tech Lead at Discovery Inc.

Congrats to Eugene, Who Found a Great UK Tech Role at Discovery Inc.! Above, Eugene poses a question to a panel at a Meta (formerly Facebook) office meetup. We’re excited to spotlight Eugene...

November 03, 2019

7 London Companies Hiring Software Engineers Right Now

Regardless of your experience level, London is a great place to be if you’re looking for a software engineering job - with companies in all sectors and of all sizes competing for top tech talent....

November 01, 2019

Top Employer Brands in London According to Tech Talent

At Hired, we’re dedicated to finding you a job that you love — at a company you’re passionate about. As exciting as realizing you’re ready to join a new company can be, we know it can also be...