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September 21, 2022

Engineering Manager or IC? Which Tech Career is Best for Me? (Video)

Have you ever wondered whether to follow an Individual Contributor (IC) path or an Engineering Manager (EM)? According to the Hired State of Software Engineers report, one-third of engineers...

September 07, 2022

Interviewing After a Layoff? How to Be Confident & Become a Top Candidate

The third article in our series to help jobseekers bounce back better than ever… Once you’ve absorbed the news of a layoff, organized your financials, and taken the next steps to kick off...

September 06, 2022

Laid Off? Next Steps to Find Your Dream Job in Tech or Sales

The second article in our series to help jobseekers bounce back from a layoff better than ever... If you’ve ever been laid off, you know it’s a mixed bag of emotions. Refer to Chapter 1 in...

September 05, 2022

Part of a Layoff? Steps Jobseekers in Tech & Sales Need to Take First

Chapter 1 of a series to help jobseekers bounce back better than ever (or to feel better prepared in uncertain times) If you’ve ever been laid off you know it’s often an emotional time full...

July 29, 2022

How to Handle an Employment Gap on Your Resume (Flip the Script!)

You're not your work history Addressing an employment gap on a resume is one of the most common worries keeping job seekers up at night. It’s been drilled into our heads that if you’re not...

July 13, 2022

Ace Your Interview & Get Your Questions Answered

Editor's note: this is Part 2 in our series with our partner, Makers, "Build Confidence and Take Control of your Job Search Series." Ok, so you completed the job search steps successfully...