Best Employer Brands in Boston: Tech Workers Weigh In

At Hired, we know that the right job isn’t just a matter of being in the industry and role you want—and that company culture, and how you fit into it, is equally as important. Our Brand Health Report dives into (among other things) the top employer brands in each city based on where local talent most wants to work. Here are the top employers in Boston according to tech workers on our platform. 

#1: iRobot

As iRobot nears its 30th year, the company best known for the beloved Roomba robot vacuum is also celebrating the top spot on Boston’s employer brand list. According to iRobot’s founder and CEO, one of the primary drivers is the fact that the company—and its employees—are incredibly mission-driven, and excited to “change the world with robots.” 

With more than 1,000 employees across the world, iRobot doesn’t just make vacuums: The company is also exploring how robots can help protect the environment and reduce military fatalities. With big challenges (and opportunities) like these, it’s no surprise that Boston’s technical talent is interested in careers with iRobot.

#2: Boston Dynamics

There’s no doubt that Bostonians are captivated by robots, with Boston Dynamics coming in second on the list. Even if you’re not familiar with Boston Dynamics, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Spot, the company’s robot dog which has attracted millions of curious viewers on YouTube (and who is now available to rent), or Atlas, the more human-like athlete robot.

While the use cases for robots like Spot and Atlas are still being determined (the company suggests construction, oil and gas, and public safety as potential targets), Boston Dynamics also manufactures robots which can be useful for streamlining processes in warehouses—a very practical application currently given rising trends in e-commerce.

#3: TripAdvisor

Headquartered in Needham, TripAdvisor comes in third on Boston’s employer brands list. The nearly 20-year-old company is primarily known for reviews and user forums about everything travel, from hotels to restaurants to tours. 

Despite an already-strong global brand, TripAdvisor continues to add new offerings for travelers as well as business clients using their platform to reach new customers—which serves a dual-purpose of also giving employees new and different challenges to tackle.  

#4: Wayfair

While you may know Wayfair as a good place to search for a coffee table, you probably don’t know that the company employs more than 2,000 engineers and data scientists—many of them focused on delivering extreme personalization to the user journey. In addition to the online side of things, Wayfair recently launched its first full-service physical retail store in Natick, MA.

Outside of the office, the e-commerce brand is also dedicated to engaging with the local community in Boston, having recently launched a mentoring program where employees are matched with mentees from Big Sister Boston. 

#5: Zipcar

Rounding out Boston’s top 5 is Zipcar, the on-demand car-sharing company owned by Avis Budget Group. And this isn’t likely an accident: Zipcar leadership has been proactive about initiatives to drive innovation and engagement, such as inviting employees to management meetings where key business initiatives were discussed and creating weekly “member roundtables” for employees to get a firsthand sense of customer needs. 

There’s no doubt that Boston offers a wide variety of opportunities, whether you’re interested in robots, travel, or something entirely different. As you look for your next opportunity in the city, don’t forget that it’s not only compensation that’s important (thought Boston doesn’t fare poorly there either), but also whether you’re passionate about your work and the company culture.

About the Author

Napala Pratini

Napala is a consultant to early-stage technology companies. Prior to going independent, Napala led marketing initiatives across both consumer and B2B fintech for employers including NerdWallet and Earnest. In past lives she was a ballet dancer and a cancer researcher.