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Jesse Szymanski
Jesse Szymanski
Jesse Szymanski is a San Francisco-based writer who has a penchant for futurism, adventuring and the arts. A journalist by passion and trade, he is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University where he actually spent time studying and holds a BA in Journalism. Jesse has lived in San Francisco since 2009 where he’s spent a great deal of time surrounded by technologists and watching incredibly gifted people shape our collective future. His work has appeared in the likes of SPIN, Vice, The San Francisco Examiner and The Honolulu Weekly.
May 01, 2017

How an Ex-Googler and Machine Learning Engineers Are Finding New Drone Applications

There is a large silver antique winged drone suspended from the ceiling of the DroneDeploy office in San Francisco. It doesn't even look like it’s from this side of the millennium when compared to...