5 Top Employers in Seattle According to Tech Workers

5 Top Employers in Seattle According to Tech Workers

Every company knows that their employer brand—or how they’re perceived by potential job candidates—is crucial to recruiting and retaining the best talent. How an employer brand is formed is a compilation of both qualitative and quantitative factors: Everything from how much a company pays to corporate structure to anecdotes told by current and former employees. 

One way to measure brand health is by evaluating how many jobseekers want to work for a company, which is precisely what we’ve done in our Brand Health Report. Whether you’re looking for a new role in Seattle or just curious how the various employers fare, here are the top 5 employers in Seattle according to tech workers:

#1: Microsoft

While Microsoft holds 24 offices around the globe, company headquarters in Redmond seems to be a local favorite for Seattleites. More of a ‘campus’ than an office, this hundreds-of-acres site houses dozens of cafes and restaurants, as well as sports areas and jogging trails—suggesting that the company takes employee health and wellness seriously.

If this type of office environment sounds up your alley, take a gander at open roles: At any given time, Microsoft has open listings for thousands of roles in Seattle, making it a place with plenty of opportunity regardless of your skillset and interests.

#2: Redfin

It seems larger doesn’t necessarily mean stronger in terms of employer branding, with Redfin coming in at number two with only a fraction of the number of employees as Microsoft (think thousands versus hundreds of thousands). 

The online real estate broker also calls Seattle home, but keeps offices across the US and Canada. And 2019 has been a good year for Redfin, with the most recent quarterly results showing strong growth as the company adds new technologies and initiatives such as instant offers and agent-less buying. If creating the home buying experience of the future sounds appealing, Redfin might be worth a look. 

#3: Zillow Group

Seattle tech workers seem to be keen on real estate, with Zillow Group coming in just below Redfin. 

Zillow started as a media site, providing a property marketplace to consumers and an advertising platform to real estate brokers. The group has since acquired no small number of other real estate players, expanding their scope to include everything from listings to lending. More recently, they’ve started buying and selling homes directly through the Zillow platform, threatening to cut out brokers entirely—and shaking up their business model while they’re at it. 

If being a part of this transformation—or part of one of the Zillow brands—sounds exciting, Zillow Group might be worth a look. 

#4: Amazon

If working for a tech giant appeals to you, there’s no doubt that Amazon should be on your list. 

The company’s Seattle headquarters is the largest private employer in the city, housing tens of thousands of employees (accompanied by more than 6,000 pets), meaning you’ll never run out of new colleagues to meet in the office. As an added bonus, employees can also enjoy The Spheres, a plant-filled building which employees can use for a change of scenery.

#5: Tableau Software

The only one our list to have never IPOed, Tableau was acquired just this year by Salesforce (which shows up on San Francisco’s top ten list)—but has kept its Seattle headquarters, its CEO, and its leadership team. 

With dozens of offices around the world, Tableau is proudly geeky, investing heavily in their data conference as well as supporting nonprofits which solve global problems using data. While the company will operate independently of Salesforce, the future remains unclear—which could make it an interesting place to be as the two companies learn how to create new synergies.