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10 IFTTT Hacks That Will Drastically Simplify Your Life

If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, can be a powerful tool in simplifying your life. With the service you create “recipes” which automate tasks for you, making the rule that if “this” happens, then “that” will happen in response. Recipes can involve everything from your Facebook account to your connected home and can help you save a ton of time completing tasks, eliminating a few unnecessary steps.

Here are ten awesome IFTTT recipes that are worth implementing:

  1. Get a text when it’s about to rain
    Tired of getting stuck in unexpected rain storms? This IFTTT recipe will send you a text message when rain is in the forecast, giving you the opportunity to grab an umbrella before the downpour begins.
  2. Start brewing coffee when you wake up
    Use your FitBit and WeMo-connected Mr. Coffee for this recipe that starts brewing coffee whenever your FitBit detects you’re awake. That means you might have a fresh cup ready to go before you even get out of bed.
  3. Search Craigslist
    If you’re looking for a stolen bike or just a rare item to pop up on Craigslist, this recipe will alert you when it pops up so you don’t have to continuously check the site. Listings come in the form of an email, and you can even search a few different cities.
  4. Find out when new shows hit Netflix
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    Netflix lovers will love this recipe. When implemented, it will send you an email with a list of new additions to Netflix. That way you know what’s new as soon as it hits the digital service and don’t have to waste time scrolling through all the new releases to find something you’re interested in.
  5. Add iOS contacts to Google
    Anyone that has ever tried to switch from iOS to Android knows how complicated the process can be, especially for your contacts. With this recipe, new contacts that you add to iOS are automatically added to Google as well. That means an email address stored on your iPhone will be available in Gmail on your laptop, and if you ever do decide to switch to Android you’ll be able to quickly take all your contacts along with you.
  6. Turn on lights when the sun sets
    Belkin WeMo switches enable this IFTTT recipe, which powers your lights on whenever the sun sets. No more coming home to a dark house. There are also variations of this recipe where you can have lights turn on to indicate you have everything from unread emails, or to help you make a grand entrance.
  7. Have Alexa control your thermostat
    Now you don’t have to get out of bed to control your thermostat. With this recipe, you can have Alexa control your Nest thermostat, adjusting the temperature in your home without lifting a finger.
  8. Heat up your bed
    Hate getting into a cold bed at night? This recipe uses Eight to automatically turn on your bed warmer nights when the temperature drops below a certain number of degrees. That way you’ll be sure to stay toasty warm all night long.
  9. Know when that package is coming
    Keep up to date on when that package you’re waiting for is going to arrive with this recipe that adds a Google calendar event for your package’s arrival and updates with any changes. It makes tracking that Amazon buy much easier than constantly checking the FedEx site.
  10. Open your garage
    Say goodbye to fumbling around for your garage door opener. This recipe automatically opens your garage door when your BMW pulls in. This one is also guaranteed to impress the neighbors.