An Expanded Hired!

Hired has long struggled with how to expand beyond our existing set of employers and job seekers. Our purpose, our passion, and our mission revolves around finding people jobs that they love. Recently, we've sought out a solution to introduce more people to great companies on our platform. The normal Hired model is a carefully curated two-sided marketplace that presents job seekers to employers. Unfortunately, our careful match of supply and demand leaves lot of great skill sets and awesome job seekers off our platform. Today we are experimenting with an expanded version of Hired. This extension of our available talent allows employers to find great job seekers with great skill sets and an eagerness to begin their job search. This expanded talent marketplace is entirely free for both job seekers and employers to use. Our hope is we can continue to help highly skilled knowledge workers find jobs they love by introducing them to top-tier employers. Here's some of the answers to questions we commonly see: How does this work? The expanded talent marketplace of Hired works similar to Hired's core talent pool. Your profile will go live to employers for up to 4 weeks. Employers can view and make interview requests during this time. Interview requests arrive with compensation details and pertinent information about the role and company. All interview requests still come from approved employers that are vetted---still no 3rd party recruiters! What is different? For employers on Hired, this is entirely free to use. Normally Hired charges a fee similar to a recruiter or talent acquisition agency. Employers can hire job seekers from our expanded talent marketplace completely free of charge. Unfortunately, this means our job seekers won't be eligible for a bonus from Hired. With this being a new feature and still in the early development stage, job seekers also will not have a Talent Advocate though they'll still have support through Why can't I be in the normal version with a bonus and Talent Advocate? We try to carefully balance the supply and demand side of our marketplace through our rigorous curation process. Employer demand fluctuates month to month and in different markets, but ultimately it means that we can't accept every qualified job seeker that applies to Hired. As we continue to fine tune this process and build more employer demand, we developed the expanded talent marketplace to give skilled and qualified job seekers we otherwise wouldn't be able to assist another medium to find their dream job. What if I have issues and need to speak with someone? The expanded talent marketplace has full support through Any issues or questions can easily be directed there. You should receive a response within 24-48 hours.