Hired is the first two-sided marketplace created specifically for Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers and Product Managers who are overwhelmed with job opportunities.

We believe finding a career should be transparent, unbiased, and controlled by the talent. Our marketplace features vetted and funded companies extending interview requests, a dedicated Talent Advocate, and a $2,000 signing bonus.

Our mission is to make hiring, or getting hired, less painful.


Hired began its life as DeveloperAuction.com—an idea the founders dreamt up over Indian food, beer and rap music at an Irish bar in San Francisco in April 2012.

The team expressed frustration about past dealings with expensive recruitment agencies, and contemplated that the most popular recruitment tool amounted to “shopping for a house using a phonebook”.

The very next morning, Doug purchased the DeveloperAuction domain name and forwarded Matt and Allan the receipt. They got to work, launching the first auction during Burning Man, which netted $30 million in offers on 88 Engineers.


Matt mickiewicz
Matt Mickiewicz

Matt previously co-founded the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design, 99designs. The company raised $35m from Accel, operates in 16 countries with offices on three continents, and won a Webby Award for “Best Web Service”. Mickiewicz was named to the Forbes “30 under 30” list. He has also co-founded Flippa.com which has sold over $100m in websites, taken home the Empact 100 award from the White House, and eaten a chocolate covered grasshopper.

Douglas feirstein
Douglas Feirstein

Douglas Feirstein paved the way for "home-shoring", founding LiveOps.com which now hosts the largest at-home callcenter community of over 20,000 independent agents, answering over 100mm calls per year. LiveOps has been featured in two New York Times Best-Selling business books, "Drive" and "The 4-Hour Workweek", and has received over 50mm in capital from Menlo Ventures and Benchmark capital. Doug has also co-founded uSell.com, the Kayak.com for re-commercing, helping consumers sell their used technology. Doug is an avid startup advisor and angel investor.

Allan grant
Allan Grant

Allan Grant has been passionate about software development since writing his first game at age 7. Between ages 13 and 18, Allan earned his 10,000 hours coding online games (in C) with thousands of players. In college, Allan founded a web development company, Webmasters International, and bootstrapped it to profitability with 50+ employees. Most recently, Allan co-founded Curebit, the leading social referral platform for ecommerce companies. Curebit is backed by YCombinator, 500Startups, and a group of prominent angel investors.


Trent krupp
Trent Krupp
VP Talent
Gemmy tsai
Gemmy Tsai
Head of Product
Walt schlender
Walt Schlender
Founding Engineer
Jamie gray
Jamie Gray
Lead Team Coordinator
Winfred nadeau
Winfred Nadeau
Founding Engineer
Suzanne horner
Suzanne Horner
Founding Talent Advocate
David berk
David Berk
Client Executive Director
Jeremy karmel
Jeremy Karmel
Everything Engineer
Matt greenburg
Matt Greenburg
Manager of Talent
Nate clark
Nate Clark
Founding Engineer
Skye wang
Skye Wang
New Markets Manager
Nick salbatera
Nick Salbatera
Lead Talent Advocate
Kristin graziani
Kristin Graziani
Client Executive
Kai fortney
Kai Fortney
Director of Marketing
Andrew hellman
Andrew Hellman
Product Analyst
Sean mullis
Sean Mullis
Lead Talent Advocate
Sophie adelman
Sophie Adelman
UK New Markets Manager
Janina seoane
Janina Seoane
Operations Manager
Stefanie scari
Stefanie Scari
Client Executive
Vicky pan
Vicky Pan
Client Operations
Aaron reisman
Aaron Reisman
Web Architect & DJ
John morris
John Morris
VP Finance
Mehul patel
Mehul Patel
Aaron royer
Aaron Royer
Everything Engineer
Ryan o malley
Ryan O'Malley
Marketing Manager
Doreen ghafari
Doreen Ghafari
Client Executive
Ethelind vu
Ethelind Vu
Creative Designer
Rebekah stafford
Rebekah Stafford
GM Boston
Lennie sliwinski
Lennie Sliwinski
Marketing Manager
Lexi lewtan
Lexi Lewtan
New Markets Manager
Jer langhans
Jer Langhans
GM Seattle
Matt napolitano
Matt Napolitano
Manager, Client Development
Christa diaz
Christa Diaz
Manager, Client Development
Ryan blakemore
Ryan Blakemore
Client Executive
Kyle brett
Kyle Brett
Everything Engineer
Yefei wang
Yefei Wang
Everything Engineer
Andre charoo
Andre Charoo
VP New Markets
Alice jorgenson
Alice Jorgenson
Lead Talent Advocate
Matt pennisi
Matt Pennisi
Data Science Analyst
Chelsea cooper
Chelsea Cooper
GM New Markets
Devery doran
Devery Doran
Curation Specialist
Lynette busby
Lynette Busby
Talent Advocate
Marley spector
Marley Spector
Associate Product Manager
Heather doshay
Heather Doshay
Talent Advocate
Michael chen
Michael Chen
Client Executive
Jeannette gonzalez
Jeannette Gonzalez
Email Marketing Channel Manager
Joel hayhurst
Joel Hayhurst
Everything Engineer
Andrew evans
Andrew Evans
Everything Engineer
Scott bacon
Scott Bacon
Talent Advocate
Chakri uddaraju
Chakri Uddaraju
VP Engineering
Becca pease
Becca Pease
Director of HR
Caitlin chee
Caitlin Chee
Marketing Associate
Jaclyn reiner
Jaclyn Reiner
Client Executive
Megan horowitch
Megan Horowitch
Talent Advocate
Shannon smales
Shannon Smales
Recruiting Coordinator
Courtney montpas
Courtney Montpas
GM Los Angeles
Florence boltman
Florence Boltman
Lead Talent Advocate
Brendan mcmanus
Brendan McManus
Client Executive
Christian daniels
Christian Daniels
Talent Advocate
Estelle puccio
Estelle Puccio
Client Executive
Kelly zee
Kelly Zee
Client Executive
Julia melin
Julia Melin
Talent Advocate
Matt pierce
Matt Pierce
Category Manager
Mike fossi
Mike Fossi
Senior Client Executive
Selena strandberg
Selena Strandberg
Client Executive
Aayush chandan
Aayush Chandan
Community Advocate
Amanda contreras
Amanda Contreras
Talent Advocate
Amanda crosby
Amanda Crosby
Talent Advocate
Ashley wellington fahey
Ashley Wellington-Fahey
Client Executive
Catherine armato
Catherine Armato
Events Marketing Manager
Chery sutjahjo
Chery Sutjahjo
Talent Advocate
Devin londo
Devin Londo
Lead Talent Advocate
Hiten parmar
Hiten Parmar
Everything Engineer
Irene o rourke
Irene O'Rourke
Office Coordinator & Executive Assistant
Jt haskell
JT Haskell
Market Manager
Katie fuchs
Katie Fuchs
Senior Client Executive
Kayvon banisalam
Kayvon Banisalam
Associate Client Executive
Kelsey woolcott
Kelsey Woolcott
Associate Client Executive
Laura handeland
Laura Handeland
Curation Specialist
Lisa winberg
Lisa Winberg
Talent Advocate
Melisa mayeda
Melisa Mayeda
Office Coordinator
Michael revell
Michael Revell
Everything Engineer
Natalie vazquez
Natalie Vazquez
Curation Specialist
Rachel balugo
Rachel Balugo
Payroll & Accounting Specialist
Satya phanse
Satya Phanse
Everything Engineer
Scott kalter
Scott Kalter
Community Advocate
David sasda
David Sasda
Head of Design

Office Happiness Coordinators



Eric chin
Eric Chin

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Tim guleri
Tim Guleri

Sierra Ventures

Jeff clavier
Jeff Clavier

SoftTech VC

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Shervin Pishevar

Sherpa Foundry